Inspections both good and bad

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Inspections both good and bad

Post by Admin on Sat May 30, 2015 3:17 pm

Isle of View II
Water bottles, shoes, and beer cans found under beds
Floors were not clean
Tubs were dirty

Play Day
Sticky counter tops and bathrooms needed going over.

Floors had to be REvacuumed, needed to be dusted in every room, kitchen faucet was not working.

419B Not clean..had to be completely redone by Susan.

404B was found with missing comforters. ALL comforters were gone. 1 King and 2 Twins. This means that they were likely tossed into the dirty linen bag. PLEASE make sure, as soon as you go into a property you check the dirty linens for anything that belongs at the property.

Quarters Sea did not pass inspection this week. Floors were Sandy.
Comforters were not ON the beds. Whether there are linens or not, the BEDS must be made up and looking beautiful for guests.


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