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Hello cleaning team!
So I had some seasoned cleaners and some new cleaners ask questions today that were REALLY IMPORTANT, need- to - know, questions that everyone should know. I am going to throw out some common topics and cover the bases here.

1.) No you cannot bring someone to clean if they are no an approved cleaner with beach pros realty.

2.) BEDS MUST BE MADE EVERY SATURDAY, unless otherwise noted on the schedule. You DO NOT need to make bunk beds or trundle beds. Please do lay the neatly folded sheets and pillow cases at the foot of the neatly made bed.

3.) Even if you do not have to put any linens on the beds, you need to make sure that the beds are made up looking pretty with their comforters and quilts on the beds, along with any/ all decorative throw pillows. DO NOT leave extra pillows in the bottom of a closet on the floor.

4.) If you have a missing fitted or flat sheet or pillow case, TEXT your inspector.

5.) If you have a torn or grungy looking shower liner, remove it and TEXT your inspector. They keep a stock of them.

6.) Mattress Pads. EVERY SINGLE BED in every property must have an unstained, unripped, mattress pad on it. When you first arrive to your property, do a walk thru. CHECK the beds. If you are missing one, immediately check the dirty linen pile. Mattress pads stay at the properties and are not a part of the linen service. If you cannot find it, TEXT YOUR INSPECTOR. They have a stock. When you check the dirty linens, pull out anything that is not white. All of our service linens are bright white. We do not have time replace to comforters shams or quilts on a busy Saturday. This is a critical task.

7.) All cleaning needs to be done by 2:30pm and inspected. Our guests arrive at 3pm and we must be gone and done!

8.) Stay in Sandbridge for your inspection. If you leave Sandbridge and something substantial is missed by you and your job does not pass inspection, this means someone else has to finish the job which causes major issues. If this happens you will not be able to be paid the full amount for the job as we will have to pay another cleaner to finish.

9.) When you first get to your property and you do your preliminary walk-thru, flip switches, run faucets, and test small appliances and lamps! If something is broken, CALL THE OFFICE immediately so that we can send Maintenance. We only have until 3pm to fix or replace broke items and some things can take some time!

10.) If you find personal items left by guests or owners, bag it and drop it by the office so that we can get it back to them. We have at least one guest every year who leaves a beautiful and expensive wedding set!! Trust me when I say that they will eventually realize it is missing and come calling. Please do the right thing and turn them into the office. The lady who left her 2 Ct diamond and platinum set last year gave the cleaner who turned it in a $50 reward. Very Happy

11.) Please do not be rude to your inspectors. They have a job to do too and I am not an easy boss lady when it comes to Housekeeping. I have VERY high standards and I do expect that jobs get done right. So our inspectors are only doing their jobs. It is not personal when they tell you that they found something you missed and that you need to take care of it. If I get complaints that any cleaner is not being a quality team member with a positive, productive, attitude, they will not be cleaning with us any longer.

12.) Getting the job done right and quickly is the name of the game! Our inspectors have a lot of properties to inspect. Everyone misses something once in awhile. That is okay! But when a cleaner fails inspection repeatedly, it ends up causing delays on all the other properties being cleaned and inspected that day, and it is generally a sign that they should be doing something besides cleaning. We do understand that it isn't for everyone, but we can't keep those folks around either.

13.) If you have other questions, please post them here to the forum. Our other cleaners and inspectors have GREAT tips to help you speed up and make your jobs easier too!

7.) Light bulbs. Please switch on all lamps and light switches when you are at your property(s).


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