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I know that many of you are NEW this year and some of you may need a reminder, so please read!!

We cannot have people in our properties that we do not know. We all operate as a team here so please assist us with this very important rule. This is for security purposes and is MANDATORY.
I MUST have a completed application package and copy of driver's license. If someone is not cleaning with you, they are not permitted to enter our properties. If I have NOT approved them, they are not to enter our properties. If they have a criminal record, they cannot be allowed into our properties. We manage these properties for our owners and our job is to maintain them and keep them and their contents as safe as possible.
The owners of Beach Pros Realty live in Sandbridge and often do quality control runs without any notice, the Inspectors know this rule, and if you are caught breaking this very important rule, you will not be invited back to clean for us. Thank you for understanding that this is for security purposes. All of us appreciate the hard work that each of you do!


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